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CAS # 87-99-0

Xylitol is a naturally-occurring 5-carbon polyol sweetener.



The sweetness of xylitol is comparable to that of sucrose, and it can absorb a lot of heat when dissolved in water. It has the largest endothermic value among all sugar alcohol sweeteners. Therefore, when eaten in solid form, it will produce a pleasant cooling sensation in the mouth. Xylitol does not cause caries and has the effect of preventing caries. Metabolism is not regulated by insulin, and is completely metabolized in the human body, with a calorific value of 10kJ/g.

Articles de testThe StandardRésultats de test
IdentificationMeets the requirementsConformes
AspectWhite crystallineWhite crystalline
Xylitol Assay (dry basis)≥98.5%99.48 %
Point de fusion92.0 ° C ~ 96.0 ° C94.0 ° C
Perte au séchage≤0.20%0.04 %
Reducing sugars≤0.30%
Other polyols≤1.00%0.52 %
Métaux lourds≤ 5 mg / kg<5 mg / kg
Arsenic≤ 0.5 mg / kg<0.5 mg / kg
Chlorure≤ 50 mg / kg<50 mg / kg
sulfate≤ 50 mg / kg<50 mg / kg
Plomb≤ 0.3 mg / kg<0.3 mg / kg
Résidu à l'allumage≤0.10%0.02 %
Nickel≤ 1 mg / kg0.042mg / kg
Nombre total de plaques≤1000cfu / g<10cfu / g
des salmonellesNégatifNégatif
Levure et moisissure≤100cfu / g<10cfu / g

Fonctions et applications

1. Xylitol,as the best substitute of sweetener for the diabetic,can be widely used in the juice drinking,coffee,milk,bread,candy and other sugarless food.

2. It is the bad basis for the microorganism and can’t be fermented by the yeast.The food making with xylitol can be kept more long time without any preservative.

3. Xylitol can promote the action of the salutary germs and improve the immunity of body.Xylitol can absorb more quantity of head than other polyols,so the food making with xylitol has a cool taste and keep the original food flavor.

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