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CAS # 9050-36-6

Maltodextrin is a starch hydrolyzate with a DE value of 5-20. It is a nutritious polysaccharide with low price, smooth taste and no taste.



1. Maltodextrin has good fluidity, no peculiar smell, and almost no sweetness; good solubility and moderate viscosity; low hygroscopicity, not easy to agglomerate.

2. It has a good carrier function and is an excellent carrier for various sweeteners, flavoring agents, fillers, etc. It also has good emulsifying and thickening effects.

3. Maltodextrin has the effect of promoting product forming and inhibiting product structure well. It has good film-forming performance, which can not only prevent product deformation but also improve product appearance.

4. It is easily absorbed by the human body, especially suitable for the basic raw materials of food for patients and infants and children.

5. It has a good stabilizing effect on the foam of food and beverages. It has the effect of inhibiting crystal precipitation on crystalline sugar.

SpecNom du produitForfaits20GP(KG)
qualité alimentaireMaltodextrine brune25 KG / SAC17000
Food Grade DE10~12Maltodextrine25 KG/BAGS16000
Food Grade DE18-20Maltodextrine25 KG / SAC17000
Food Grade DE20~25Maltodextrine25 KG / SAC17000
Food Grade DE15~20Maltodextrine25 KG/BAGS17000
Food Grade DE10~15Maltodextrine25 KG/BAGS16000
AspectPoudre blanche ou jaune clairSe conformer
Colour in sloutionIncoloreSe conformer
Valeur DE10-12,10-15,15-20,18-20, 20-2517.6
Humidité6.0% max5.50 %
Solubilité98%99.10 %
Cendre de sulfate0.6% max0.20 %
Iodine ExperimentNot changing blueSe conformer
PH (solution à 5%)4.0-6.05
Bulk Density (compacted)500 à 650 g / l568g / l
Fatness %5% maxConformes
Arsenic5ppm maxSe conformer
Plomb5ppm maxSe conformer
Dioxyde de soufre100ppm maxSe conformer
Nombre total de plaques3000cfu / g maximumSe conformer
E.coli (per100g)30 maxSe conformer
Agent pathogèneNégatifNégatif

Fonctions et applications

1. Maltodextrin is added to milk powder and other dairy products, which can make the product volume expand, not easy to agglomerate, instant, and has good preparation ability, prolong the shelf life of the product, reduce the cost and improve the economic benefit.

2. Used in nutritional snack foods such as soybean milk powder, instant oatmeal and malted milk essence, it has good taste and instant thickening effect, avoids precipitation and stratification, can absorb beany smell or milk taint, and prolong the retention period.

3. When used in solid beverages, such as milk tea and instant tea, it can maintain the characteristics and aroma of the original product, reduce costs, the product has a mellow and delicate taste, and has an excellent instant-dissolving effect with strong flavor and inhibits crystallization.

4. It is used in fruit juice drinks, such as coconut milk juice and various lactic acid drinks, with strong emulsifying ability, easy to be absorbed by the human body, increased viscosity, pure product, good stability and not easy to precipitate.

5. Used in ice cream, ice cream or popsicles and other frozen foods, the ice particles expand delicately, with good viscosity and mild sweetness.

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