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CAS # 7681-93-8

Natamycin has been used for decades in the food industry as a hurdle to fungal outgrowth in dairy products and other foods.



Natamycin is a natural antifungal compound produced by the fermentation of Streptomyces. It belongs to the polyene macrolides, which can widely and effectively inhibit the growth of various molds and yeasts, as well as inhibit the production of mycotoxins. It can be widely used in food preservation and antifungal treatment. Natamycin has no inhibitory effect on bacteria, so it does not affect the natural ripening process of yogurt, cheese, raw ham, dry sausage.

Aspectpoudre cristalline blanche ou jaunâtre
Rotation spécifique+276° --- +280°
métaux lourds10 ppm max
Plomb5 ppm max
Arsenic3 ppm max
Mercure1 ppm max
Perte sur le séchage6.0 -% 9.0
PH5.0 – 7.5
Nombre total de plaques10 Cfu/g max
Agent pathogèneAbsent
E. coliNégatif / 25g
SamonelleNégatif / 25g

Fonctions et applications

Natamycin has a good anti-mildew effect on the moon ,baked goods,meat products,salad drinks and other fields.

Natamycin is used to treat fungal infections, including Candida, Aspergillus, Cephalosporium, Fusarium, and Penicillium. It is applied topically as a cream, in eye drops, or (for oral infections) in a lozenge.

Natamycin is widely used for preservation in the products such as cheese, bread, bacon, barbecue, sausage,ham,fermented meat,mayonnaise and salad dressing, fermented alcoholic beverages, fruit juices,soft drinks and energy drinks, fruit products etc.

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