Phosphate dicalcique (DCP)
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Phosphate dicalcique (DCP)

N° CAS 7722-88-5

Dicalcium Phosphate used in food as acidulant in leavening agent, buffer, structure improver, nutrient and etc.



Dicalcium Phosphate is a kind of food additives which has been widely used in food industry as an anti-coagualting agent, leavening agent, dough improver, buttering agent, emulsifier, nutritional supplement and stabilizing agent. In practice, It is used as a leavening agent to flour, cake, pastry. It can also act as the complex bread improve and fried food improver, It is also used in making biscuit, milk powder and ice-cream as food-improver and a food supplement.

Feed grade DCP include 17% and 18% as its phosphorus percent,powder & granular as its granularity.

Assay(CaHPO4)%98.0 ~ 103.098.0 ~ 103.0
Loss on ignition(800℃)%24.5 ~ 26.57.0 ~ 8.5
Heavy metals(as Pb)%≤ 0.001≤ 0.001
Lead(as Pb)%≤ 0.0005≤ 0.0005
Arsenic(as As)%≤ 0.0002≤ 0.0002
Fluodire(as F)%≤ 0.005≤ 0.005
Insoluble in Acid %≤ 0.05≤ 0.05

Fonctions et applications

1. As a fortifier (calcium supplement) and leavening agent, it can be used in biscuits and infant formula food, with a maximum dosage of 1.0g/kg; it can also be used as a quality improver for fermented flour products, and used in moderation according to production needs .

2. As a food and feed additive to supplement phosphorus and calcium elements in livestock feed.

3. It is used as a bulking agent in the food industry, used in biscuits and milk replacers, and the amount used is based on normal production needs. Also used as a yeast culture agent for bread making. Also used as a dough improver, nutritional supplements. It can be used as a feed additive to supplement phosphorus and calcium elements in poultry and livestock feed.

4. Used as an auxiliary feed for poultry, it can promote the digestion of feed and increase the weight of poultry to increase meat production, milk production and egg production. At the same time, it can also treat rickets, rickets, anemia, etc.

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