Soy protein isolate powder is a high-protein, low-fat, calcium-supplemented, cholesterol-lowering product, and is a typical product representative of soy protein isolate. Recombined soybean protein isolate has hydration, emulsifying properties and is relatively easy to absorb, so its nutritional value and 

application value are very high. Soy protein isolate is mainly used as a food additive or nutritional supplement to supplement nutrition, and its nutrients are mainly protein and amino acids.

1. What is soy protein isolate

Soy protein isolate is a full-value protein food additive produced from low-temperature desolubilized soybean meal. The protein content of soybean protein isolate is more than 90%, there are nearly 20 kinds of amino acids, and it contains essential amino acids for human body. It is nutritious and cholesterol-free, making it one of the few plant-based alternatives to animal protein.

The nutritional value of soy protein isolate

1. High protein: Soy protein isolate powder is the perfect high-quality protein supplement for vegetarians and ordinary people alike.

2. Low-fat: For those who need a low-calorie diet, replacing part of the protein in the diet with soy protein not only reduces the intake of cholesterol and saturated fat, but also achieves a balanced nutritional intake.

3. Increase calcium: Soy protein can prevent calcium loss in urine, promote bone health, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Lowering cholesterol: Studies have shown that taking 25g of soy protein daily can effectively reduce the content of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in human blood, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

5. No discomfort reaction: Soy protein isolate powder removes the original nutritional inhibitor trypsin inhibitor in soybean, so that you do not have discomfort reaction such as indigestion and flatulence.

Third, the efficacy and role of soybean protein isolate

1. Soy protein isolate and blood cholesterol: Studies have shown that total cholesterol and LDL have been reduced to the greatest extent, and soy protein isolate can increase the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL). HDL is the "good" cholesterol, which can significantly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD).

2. Soy protein isolate and osteoporosis: Lack of estrogen, insufficient calcium intake and loss of physiological function are the main causes of osteoporosis. Soy protein isolate can effectively increase bone density, and postmenopausal women who consume soy protein isolate containing soy isoflavones have significantly increased lumbar spine density compared with women whose diet is adjusted with milk.

3. Soy protein isolate and menopausal syndrome: Eating soy protein isolate can greatly improve the symptoms of low estrogen in menopausal syndrome and effectively improve health.

4. Soy protein isolate and kidney disease: Studies have shown that the reason why patients with kidney disease are prone to vascular disease is mainly due to hyperhomocysteinemia. The content of homocysteine in the blood is closely related to the intake of methionine. The methionine content of soy protein isolate is much lower than that of animal protein.

Soy protein isolate actually has many more functions, and soy protein isolate is used to replace milk powder, non-dairy beverages and various forms of milk products. Soy protein isolate is nutritious and contains no cholesterol, and it is an alternative to milk. At the same time, the addition of soy protein isolate can make the structure of other foods more perfect, so it can be said to be an indispensable ingredient in our lives.

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